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The Story

Hi, I'm Kortney... the educator behind Luminary Birth. My passion for all things birth started in 2018 when I was pregnant with my firstborn. Growing up, I feared birth based on what I saw in the media and what I heard from others.

When I became pregnant, birth also became a reality. Trying to navigate pregnancy was hard. There were so many things you 'should do' and even more things you 'shouldn't do.' On top of that, there was an immense impact on my body and mind. Having to prepare for the eventual birth of my baby loomed in the background. I was overwhelmed with my laundry list of things to do, so I wasn't even thinking about postpartum preparation. 

I took a comprehensive birth class, which opened my eyes to a new world of options. It was like having the best sherpa to guide me up Mount Everest. I wasn't on my own anymore, and I was armed with knowledge. 

After the births of both my children, this passion remained. The wonder that our bodies are. The transformational experience of body and mind. Everything fascinated me. More than that, a desire to share this knowledge with others took over.


The Empowered Birth Course was born to inform families of their options and arm them with evidence based knowledge. I want people to feel empowered throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. 

Get in Touch

Class fees are based on a sliding scale because we believe that quality childbirth education should be available to everyone. 

The fee for our full childbirth preparation course is $350, a crash course is $150. Payment can be made in one payment or in installments. There are payment options included on the registration form. 

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