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Class fees are based on a sliding scale because we believe that quality childbirth education should be available to everyone. 

The fee for our full childbirth preparation course is $350, a crash course is $150. Payment can be made in one payment or in installments. There are payment options included on the registration form. 


Class One: Understanding Birth

Birth Through the Ages


Physiology of Birth

Hormones at Play

Importance of relaxation

Needs During Birth &

how to communicate with your partner

Class Two: Birth Toolkit

Fear & Tension

Pain Relief Options

Breathing Techniques



Massage Techniques

What if... Scenarios

Birth Rehearsal

Class Three: Making Decisions

Who makes the choices​



Decision making 

Action plans

Birth plans

How to Find a Provider that Aligns with You

Class Four: Lactation and Parenting

How Lactation Works​


Benefits of breastfeeding

How to Know if Baby Is Getting Enough

Pumping Tips

Basic Infant Care

Baby Ques 

Postpartum Mood Disorders

How to Optimize Healing

Parenting decisions

Postpartum Planning 

Serving Orange County and Barstow, CA

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